Notice! Please note, the admission price for drop-in play will be increasing to $12.50 as of July 1, 2023. Call or email now to book a private birthday party with us!!
Q:  Can I have Private Birthday party at Mighty Jungle?
Q:  When does the pizza come for my party?
Q:  Can I bring in outside food?
Q:  Can I bring in outside drinks?
Q:  Can I bring/add a character/show to my Birthday package?
Q:  Can I bring in Helium or other Baloon?
Q:  Can I bring in a piñata or face paint?
Q:  I want to bring my own tablecloth, banners and other decorations, is that OK?
Q:  Why do you charge extra for every additional adult/child at the party?
Q:  What is your venue total capacity of people?
Q:  Can I purchase an extra time and extend my party?
Q:  Do I need to pay for a baby under 1 year old?
Q:  If I booked a party , but cannot make it for the day, can I cancel it and get a refund?
Q:  What time can I come in to set up for the party?
Q:  What time is my party finishes?
Q:  Do Adults have to wear socks too?
Q:  Can I wear shoes if I stay in the lounge area?
Q:  Is it OK if I stay in play area with bare feet?
Q:  What should I do If I forget my socks?
Q:  Do you charge extra for the coffee?
Q:  Do you have a free Wi-Fi?
Q:  Are you open on the weekend?